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As an educational developer I am asked frequently about what it is I do and how I do it (and not just by my mum). As Wright & Miller aptly describe “educational developers’ roles are multiple and complex and the means to measure their success are often elusive” (2000, p. 27). In response to this challenge, this portfolio offers an iterative representation of, and reflection upon, the multiple pieces of my role. While the particulars of my portfolio as an educational developer evolve in response to institutional and unit priorities, my approach as an evidence-based, facilitative and capacity-building developer remain consistent.

In some ways this portfolio contributes to the hyper-assessment culture of which I’m wary; I want to acknowledge that part of the purpose of preparing this portfolio is a mercantile effort to “evidence my impact” as an educational developer. In practice it encourages me to  dedicate the time and energy required to sincerely critically reflect on my practice. In aspirational moments I see this portfolio as a piece of a national conversation on what “educational development” is for, who it serves and how it will evolve.

While putting forward the usual caveats about this portfolio being provisional and iterative (and not just as a way of eliding responsibility for any errors represented here!), I do want to encourage you to get in touch if you’d like to discuss any aspect of my portfolio. I have elected to keep some pages of this portfolio password protected; if you are interested in seeing these pages please contact me at: aspenled {at}


Wright, W Alan, & E Miller, Judith. (2000). The educational developer’s portfolio. International Journal for Academic Development, 5(1), 20-29.

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